Yoga to Manage Stress

Shared by Dr. John Wertish

Yoga to Manage Stress

How can we manage our stress while reducing pain? Take time for yoga, you will not regret it! Life always throws us curve balls. Things cannot be planned out to be perfect and at times we go between organization and chaos. I have personally experienced plenty of chaos when it comes to personal and professional life. This can raise our emotional stress and directly affect our health by changing our hormones. Stress can be healthy if we are running away from a bear or a tiger. Fortunately, that stress is not common in our culture and society in today’s world. Yoga has been used for centuries to be focused on being present by breathing techniques and increasing flexibility. Not only does it slow down our perception of time but can have a positive effect on managing our stress. Next time you are starting to feel stress slow down, get a yoga mat, and upload a YouTube video of a yoga session. Here is a quote from a research article that looks at anxiety and stress in young adults.

“Over time, participants in both the integrated and exercise yoga groups experienced decreased depression and stress, an increased sense of hopefulness, and increased flexibility compared to the control group. However, only the integrated yoga group experienced decreased anxiety-related symptoms and decreased salivary cortisol from the beginning to the end of the study.”



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