Limit Shoulder Pain

Video by Dr. John Wertish

We all can name a few friends or family members suffering from back or shoulder pain. Back pain can come from many factors. Movement is important for limiting shoulder pain. We can have imbalances in muscle strength, activation, and tonicity from lifestyle stressors. The latissimus dorsi is a muscle that pulls down the arm towards our ribs. This muscle can become weak from posture or improper motion. It connects to our shoulder and lower mid back and because of the complexity in movement with our shoulder joint it impacts synergistic muscles. The synergistic muscles are rhomboids, pectoralis major, teres major. These muscles surround the shoulder joint and an imbalance in these tissues can lead to pain. Try the exercises in this video to help your lat activation and limit shoulder pain.

Below are a few quotes from research on latissimus dorsi and back pain.

“Tight latissimus dorsi has been shown to be one cause of chronic shoulder pain and chronic back pain. Because the latissimus dorsi connects the spine to the humerus, tightness in this muscle can manifest as either sub-optimal glenohumeral joint function (which leads to chronic shoulder pain) or tendinitis in the tendinous fasciae connecting the latissimus dorsi to the thoracic and lumbar spine”

“Latissimus dorsi muscle arise as broad aponeurosis that originates from the spines of lower six thoracic vertebrae and from the posterior layer of thoracolumbar fascia attached to the spines and supraspinous ligaments of all lumbar vertebrae; sacral vertebrae and posterior crest of ilium, lower 3 or 4 ribs, and an attachment of the tip of the scapula.”



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