Chiropractor Tips to Relieve Stress, Pain 

and Healing the Body

Shared by Dr. Anthony Vasile

Relieve Stress and Pain 

At the clinic we always talk about how to relieve stress and pain by eating better, moving better and thinking better. Sometimes this concept of thinking better can be hard to see how it impacts our physical bodies. Most people deal with stress on a daily basis. This can be from a job, relationships, traffic, money, ect. People tend to hold stress in different areas of the body. I wanted to share a piece of research that looks into how stress impacts the body’s ability to heal itself. Here are a few key quotes from the research.

“There are substantial data to suggest that stress-induced disruption of neuroendocrine immune equilibrium is detrimental to health, with the strongest evidence to date in wound healing.”

“Murine and human studies demonstrated that the down-regulation of the early inflammatory response by an increase in cortisol levels results in delayed wound repair and identified several potential cellular mechanisms linking stress and wound healing.”

“Kiecolt-Glaser, Marucha et al. (1995) placed 3.5 mm punch biopsy experimental wounds on the arms of 13 chronically stressed Alzheimer caregivers and 13 well-matched controls to study dermal wound healing. Chronically stressed Alzheimer caregivers took an average of 9 days more than controls (over a 4–7 week period), or 24% longer to heal standardized wounds.”

“In an oral wound model, with wounds placed 3 days before examinations, dental students healed an average of 40% slower than wounds made in the same students during summer vacation, and the differences were quite reliable. No student healed as rapidly during examinations as during vacation.”

There are multiple studies that show how stress impacts the physical body. This can be wound healing and there are also studies that show how stress decreases the immune system as well. I remember during school people would get sick around testing finals because the stress was higher. These studies are great reminders to why it is important to find ways to deal with and alleviate stress on a regular basis. Managing stress is just one of the three factors that lead us to health and homeostasis. Remember to also exercise daily, eat a balanced diet and keep the spine healthy with regular chiropractic adjustments.


Vileikyte, L. (2007b, January). Stress and wound healing. Clinics in Dermatology, 25(1), 49–55.


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