Relieve Pain Caused by

Sitting Too Long

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To Avoid Pain, Keep moving.

Imagine waking up and getting ready for work. Commuting 30 minutes to your office, and sitting at a desk answering emails, phone calls, and working on a computer. You only get up to take a break for lunch, where you sit to eat for 30 minutes while engaging in conversations. After lunch you get back to your desk only to sit until you must drive home at 5:00 pm. Another 30-minute commute and finally you are home. It is time to relax after a long workday. You grab dinner with the family and relax on the living room couch to be entertained by next Netflix documentary. I am sure parts of this day sound familiar and when the lack of movement is not addressed throughout the day. That lifestyle habit can lead to low back pain.

Here are some quotes from research article on LBP (low back pain):

“It has been postulated that sustained awkward seating posture (lordosed or kyphosed, overly arched, or slouched) can result in higher intradiscal pressure and may be injurious to spinal postural health. Therefore, awkward postures while sitting have been described as possible risk factors for the presence of LBP”

In regards to sitting: “In addition to dose, the magnitude and duration of exposure have also been found to be important exposure factors for the presence of occupational LBP and sciatica.”

One of my favorite recommendations is to break the day up, after every hour go through spinal hygiene exercises to keep your joints moving.  A runner’s lunge with reaching high in the sky is a wonderful way to open the hips and chest to combat the stress from sitting. What we know from research is that movement is life. If you do not move it, you lose it.


Lis AM, Black KM, Korn H, Nordin M. Association between sitting and occupational LBP. Eur Spine J. 2007;16(2):283-298. doi:10.1007/s00586-006-0143-7

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