Green Smoothies to Reduce Pain

Video by Dr. Justin Thompson

As a Chiropractor I like to share tips on how to lower inflammation and reduce pain. This green smoothie is a delightful fusion of wholesome ingredients designed to give you the feeling of being refreshed anytime you need it! As the cold and flu are on the rise, it is essential that we eat well and give our bodies the essential nutrients they need to keep us feeling our best. Packed with the benefits of spinach, watermelons, lemon, bananas, and creamy avocado, this refreshing blend not only tastes great, but also nourishes your body from the inside out! As I tell my patients in West End this is so important for our bodies to get back to homeostasis. Our highlighted ingredient is the watermelon. They add a hydration punch along with a host of other benefits that will be linked below! What we put in our body is only one contributing factor to how we feel. We also need to ensure we are getting in daily movement, and handling stress better! If you notice any increases in aches, pains or sickness, give us a call! We not only address nutrition, but take a deep dive into how our body moves as well. Sitting down with one of the doctors on the Minnesota Chiro Health of St. Louis Park team is a great first step to ensure we are eating, moving and thinking well!


“Lycopene is a natural compound found in watermelon and other fruits and vegetables that has antioxidant properties. Research has shown it to decrease the risk of cancer, heart disease, and age-related eye disorders. Lycopene works to protect your cells from damage, and research suggests that it may have blood pressure-lowering effects when consumed regularly through dietary means.”

“Watermelon is a valued source of natural antioxidants with special reference to lycopene, ascorbic acid and citrulline. These functional ingredients act as protection against chronic health problems like cancer insurgence and cardiovascular disorders”

“Diet based therapy indicated a significant role of lycopene in the reduction of oxidative damage of DNA and lymphocytes and short term improvement in LDL oxidation”

“It has a very high water content and provides nutrients like lycopene, citrulline, and vitamins A and C. Studies suggest that this sweet, red melon may even boost heart health, reduce muscle soreness, and decrease inflammation”


All organic and frozen

  • 1 generous handful spinach
  • ½ avocado
  • 4-6 chunks watermelon
  • ½ banana
  • 1 squeeze lemon
  • 1-3 cups of water
  • Daily dose of essential nutrients

Li X, Xu J. Lycopene supplement and blood pressure: an updated meta-analysis of intervention trials. Nutrients. 2013 Sep 18;5(9):3696-712. doi: 10.3390/nu5093696. PMID: 24051501; PMCID: PMC3798929.

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When you are looking for a Chiropractor near you that you can trust, choose one who will not only get rid of your back pain, neck pain, or headaches but who will also guide you to living a healthier lifestyle to keep you out of pain. Our St. Louis Park Chiropractors located in the West End, near the corner of MN-100 S & Lake Rd./Westside Dr., are here to teach you that taking care of your mental health and getting the proper nutrients are just as important as the chiropractic adjustment to stay healthy, lower inflammation and limit pain.