Reduce Lower Back Pain Through Movement

Video by Dr. Justin Thompson

Reduce Lower Back Pain

Lower back ‘tightness’ and ‘stiffness’ are buzz phrases we hear in our clinics on the daily. They are usually paired up with the word ‘pain’ as well. This can be due to a mirage of reasons, however there is almost always a common contributor. This commonality is movement, or lack thereof. We know the importance of movement in our joints because of Hilton’s law. This serves as the foundation of our clinics. One way to influence healthy movement in our Lumbar spine while also strengthening and stabilizing the core is through this spinal twisting exercise in this month’s video. This exercise is simple to do at home and feels great on the body after. Attached is a research article discussing the positive impacts of implementing stabilizing exercises in individuals with lumbar instability. This study found that the experimental group who included stabilizing exercises into their rehab regime had faster rates of improvement in terms of decreasing pain intensity and functional disability, in addition to increasing muscle endurance. This article is encouraging because we strive to decrease pain and functional disability in our clinics. This also stresses the importance of the stabilization exercises and the importance of movement in the healing process. Give this exercise a shot at home! Movement is not the singular factor contributing to pain, though. So, if you want answers to what is causing your pain, give us a call! We are here to help you identify what is going on and will formulate a gameplan to get you feeling your best!


Research Referenced

Javadian, Yahya et al. ‘The Effects of Stabilizing Exercises on Pain and Disability of Patients with Lumbar Segmental Instability’. 1 Jan. 2012 : 149 – 155.


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