Reduce Anxiety and Pain

Shared by Dr. Erik Waldeland

Reduce Anxiety and Pain

In the past few decades, there has been growing evidence in numerous ways to how we can combat stress and improve our patient’s health and lives overall.  Guided imagery has been shown to be a valuable therapeutic tool for alleviating both pain and anxiety, as highlighted in the attached research study.  The research underscores that “guided imagery interventions can effectively reduce pain perception and anxiety levels by promoting relaxation and shifting the focus away from discomfort.” This technique helps individuals visualize calming and positive mental scenes, thereby distracting them from pain sensations and fostering a sense of calm. The interconnectedness of pain and anxiety cannot be understated, as the study emphasizes that “unmanaged pain and anxiety can negatively impact overall health, contributing to a range of physical and psychological ailments.”

Consequently, incorporating guided imagery into holistic healthcare approaches can provide multifaceted benefits by addressing not only the immediate relief of pain and anxiety but also promoting overall well-being and health. When we assess any case involving pain, whether it’s new or chronic, we have to evaluate the person as a whole to ensure they are also eating properly and moving enough in addition to managing their stress.



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