Physical Activity to Reduce Depression

Shared by Dr. John Wertish

Physical Activity to Reduce Depression 

Our stress levels impact everything for our energy, mood, hunger, and levels of pain. The ability to adapt to mental stress is essential to keeping pain at bay. Previously we have discussed ways to focus on our thoughts, breathe work, and emotional awareness. This topic is a little different because we preach movement for overall health. It truly does impact overall health and can impact our mental health. There is compelling evidence suggesting that physical activity and exercise alleviate some symptoms associated with mild to moderate depression. The evidence suggests that physical activity and exercise might provide a beneficial adjunct for alcoholism and substance abuse programs; improve self-image, social skills, and cognitive functioning; reduce the symptoms of anxiety; and alter aspects of physiological response to stressors. Next time you are feeling anxious, or a cloudy day is glooming over your head, go outside for a bike ride or a run and burn off the stress feeling.

Here are a few quotes from the article.

“Some of these proposed psychological benefits are improved confidence, well-being, sexual satisfaction, anxiety reduction, and positive effects of depressed mood and intellectual functioning. “

“A number of cross-sectional studies and two randomized trials showed that acute and chornic exercise reduce physiological responses to stress.”



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