“Movement is life!” In order to be truly healthy, it is essential to our body and our DNA that we get enough movement and brisk exercise to reach homeostasis and truly be healthy. At Minnesota Chiro Health we provide all of our patients with the best research showing how important movement is to our health and happiness. We help our patients understand the importance and develop the habits of daily movement in accordance with what humans require to live their healthiest life.
Hip Mobility to Reduce Pain

Hip Mobility to Reduce Low Back Pain

Stretch to Reduce Pain Video by Dr. John Wertish Hip mobility is vital for the correct function of the lower back. Improper hip mobility can lead to low back pain, hip pain, and joint degeneration. In the clinic we see athletes that have decreased motion in the

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Core strength to Decrease Pain

Decrease Low Back Pain with Core Strength

Core Strength to Decrease Low Back Pain Video by Dr. Bryan Stephens Core strength is something that we assess with patients as they come into the office.  Often, it is a lack of core strength that causes the body to compensate and use improper muscles to

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Avoid Back Pain While Sitting

Best Tip to Avoid Low Back Pain While Sitting

Avoid Low Back Pain While Sitting​ Video by Dr. Erik Waldeland Low back pain is by far one of the most common complaints we see in the clinic, and many of the issues we see stem from postural changes and weak stabilizing muscles.  Extended periods of

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Relief From Mid Back Pain

Relief From Mid Back Pain Caused by Poor Posture

Relief From Mid Back Pain Video Shared by Dr. Antonio Flaquer A common thing we see in the office are patients wanting relief from midback pain and a lot of them are people who have similar jobs. Such as sitting at a desk job, but not only

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Move Well January 1, 2021