“Movement is life!” In order to be truly healthy, it is essential to our body and our DNA that we get enough movement and brisk exercise to reach homeostasis and truly be healthy. At Minnesota Chiro Health we provide all of our patients with the best research showing how important movement is to our health and happiness. We help our patients understand the importance and develop the habits of daily movement in accordance with what humans require to live their healthiest life.
Best Stretch to Reduce Back Pain

Reduce Low Back Pain with This Stretch

Best Stretch to Reduce Back Pain Video by Dr. Erik Waldeland At our Chiropractic clinics, in St. Louis Park, stretching is a crucial component in the rehabilitation of low back pain. The childs pose position offers immense benefits. According to the attached research article, stretching exercises can

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Limit Back Pain

Core Strength to Limit Back Pain

Limit Back Pain Video by Dr. Bryan Stephens As a Chiropractor in St. Louis Park, I have a few go-to exercises that I try to do each week that I know will help limit back pain.  Planks, pushups, squats, and IWTLs are among my short list along

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Decreasing Mid Back Pain

Decrease Mid Back Pain Caused by Lack of Motion

Decreasing Mid Back Pain Video by Dr. Trenton Yeomans Today, prolonged hours of doing desk work, being on our phones and living an increased sedentary lifestyle have become the new normal. We see this all the time in our patients that come in with mid back pain

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Chiropractic to Improve Vertigo

Manage Neck Pain and Improve Vertigo with Chiropractic

St. Louis Park Chiropractor Best Practices Research Commentary; Chiropractic to Improve Neck Pain and Vertigo A review of Collins, M. E., & Misukanis, T. M. (2005). Chiropractic management of a patient with post traumatic vertigo of complex origin. Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, 4(1), 32–38. Research Reviewed

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Strengthen to Reduce Shoulder Pain

Reduce Shoulder Pain with Strengthening Exercise

Strengthen to Reduce Shoulder Pain Video by Dr. Justin Thompson We see all sorts of shoulder pains in our St. Louis Park clinics. Oftentimes, there is some level of rotator cuff involvement. The ‘Empty the Can’ shoulder exercise, a lesser-known gem in the world of fitness, targets

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Move Well January 1, 2021