Lowering Inflammation with Mango

Video by Dr. Antonio Flaquer

Everybody loves a good smoothie, but as a Chiropractor I know that to keep it healthy you have to make sure that it is not loaded with sugar. It’s easy for someone to put too much sugar into a smoothie which can cause a flare up of inflammation. Nutrition plays a big part in lowering inflammation and reducing back pain, neck pain or even headaches. So, in this green smoothie I’ve added ingredients like mango that will help make it sweeter but also make sure you’re lowering  inflammation. A lot of food that we get in today’s world at the super market, or out to eat, do not have the nutrients our body needs to make sure we are living a healthy lifestyle. I understand that you’ll have a date night throughout the week or have a party on the weekend I mean, we’re all humans. But you need to make sure you are getting the right stuff throughout the day to help with lowering inflammation. Your gut flora is important to maintain to stay healthy. If you don’t it’s very easy for you to get a stomach bug, or some type of sickness that will set you back. There are a couple of important facts to point out about mangos. The first is it helps boot your immune system to help fight off bacterial and viral diseases. The second is for the digestive system, meaning it allows the body to breakdown foods and proteins a lot easier. The third thing is it’s a great antioxidant which helps with lowering inflammation to make sure you’re body is healing as a whole. Here is some information about the health benefits of mangos and what they have to offer.

“Notably, the mango contains several essential water- and lipid-soluble micronutrients along with the distinguishing phytochemicals gallotannins and mangiferin. In vitro and in vivo studies reveal various mechanisms through which mangos or their associated compounds reduce risk or reverse metabolic- and inflammation-associated diseases.”


–     Handful organic spinach

–     1/4 cup organic mangos

–     1/4 cup organic strawberries

–     2 capsules Omega 3 A&D

–     1 capsule probiotics

–       1 Cup Filtered water

Blend until smooth and enjoy!


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