Reducing Insomnia and Back Pain

Shared by Dr. Trenton Yeomans

Reducing Insomnia and Back Pain

In today’s fast paced world stress is everywhere and can affect how we feel both physically and mentally. As a Chiropractor in St. Louis Park, I focus on reducing back pain, neck pain, headaches. One major topic that has come up for me lately as I try to optimize not only my health, but my patient’s health is sleep. Sleep is important for managing the stresses of the day. When we sleep better and deeper it gives our bodies a chance to recharge and repair itself for the next day which in turn allows us to handle stresses better. When we get good sleep, it also helps us think clearly and stay calm when we are faced with tough situations throughout the day. This month I wanted to look at what research is out there on timed exposure to bright light and its effect on sleep insomnia. In a study done by Cambell et al. (1993), that wanted to see what effective non-drug alternative could prove important in the management of age-related sleep maintenance insomnia. They found that the participants who were exposed to bright light not only improved time spent awake while sleeping by more than an hour but also improved sleep efficiency from 77.5% to 90% without altering the amount of time spent in bed. They also found that the participants were sleeping deeper throughout the night getting more REM sleep. While this study did not provide specifics on amount of bright light, they exposed the participants to throughout the day I think it is important that, if possible, we get outside at least 20 minutes a day to get the direct sunlight to improve our mood improve our sleep and handle stresses better.

“Half of the population over 65 suffers from chronic sleep disturbance. As a consequence, almost 40% of hypnotic medications are prescribed to people over age 60. Yet, hypnotics are often of little benefit in this population. As such, an effective non-drug alternative could prove important in the management of age-related sleep maintenance insomnia.”

“Exposure to bright light resulted in substantial changes in sleep quality. “


Campbell, S.S., Dawson, D. and Anderson, M.W. (1993), Alleviation of Sleep Maintenance Insomnia with Timed Exposure to Bright Light. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 41: 829-836.

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