Exercise for Reducing Low Back Pain

Video by Dr. Antonio Flaquer

You ever have low back pain and try exercises and stretches specifically for the low back and it’s not working? Well, that’s because it could be coming from your hip. One of the most commons things that I see as a Chiropractor in St. Louis Park is low back pain but come to find out a lot of people have problems with their hips more than anything. The body has a mind of it owns and communicates with the body just like how food communicates with us as well. If we feed our bodies bad fuel, then our bodies will be in a constant state of inflammation. If we don’t exercise our joints correctly or target certain underrated areas properly, then the body will start compensating for other areas of the body. The hip joint is a very complex joint with big muscles attached to it to help its function. One of the biggest muscles and most underrated, is the iliopsoas muscle. 

This muscle attaches to all of our lumbar spine vertebras, goes down and attaches to the hip bone itself which is apart of the femur. I find this muscle is very tender on most patients because it is so tight or weak that it is losing it’s function and is not supporting the low back as it should. This exercise that I have here is one that targets specifically that muscle to help alleviate the pain and strengthen your low back. Now, it’s going to take more than just strengthening a muscle to help with your low back pain. Getting adjusted and making sure you have motion in your joints is the biggest help you can get, which is why we have such a low offer to help you get some answers you’ve been looking for! So don’t put it off, come in so we can help you get back to living a better life pain free!


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