Best Stretch to Reduce Back Pain

Video by Dr. Erik Waldeland

At our Chiropractic clinics, in St. Louis Park, stretching is a crucial component in the rehabilitation of low back pain. The childs pose position offers immense benefits. According to the attached research article, stretching exercises can significantly alleviate low back pain by increasing flexibility, reducing muscle tightness, and enhancing overall range of motion.

The child pose, commonly used in yoga, specifically targets the back and spine, promotes relaxation, and allows for gentle stretching of the lower back muscles. The study further emphasizes, “Low back pain was relieved in both the pain and remission phases by performing sway-back posture in particular.” 

Therefore, incorporating stretching exercises, such as the child pose, into a rehabilitation program can aid in reducing low back pain and improving patients’ recovery.  At our St. Louis Park clinics, we incorporate a very specific, personalized plan of attack with both chiropractic adjustments as well as rehabilitation exercises to get our patients back moving properly to get help get back to doing what they need and love to do daily.

It is our mission to help our community learn the necessary tools to remain healthy and live a longer, stronger life.  Our Chiro health clinics always perform detailed exams to determine the needs of any given patient that walks through our door, as well as provide as many answers as possible to what is causing pain and how we may be able to help!


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