Balance for Low Back Pain

Video by Dr. Erik Waldeland

As a Chiropractor in St. Louis Park, we see a lot of people struggling with Low Back Pain due to instabilities and poor balance. Squatting on a Bosu ball is an effective method for enhancing both balance and strength. By introducing an unstable surface, this exercise necessitates greater activation of stabilizing muscles, thereby improving overall balance and proprioception. The dynamic nature of the Bosu ball engages the core musculature, reinforcing core strength and stability and helping to reduce low back pain. Additionally, the incorporation of a squat motion further targets the lower body muscle groups, fostering improved lower limb strength and power. This multifaceted approach not only helps in developing muscular strength but also aids in refining the body’s coordination and stability, which are crucial for functional movements and injury prevention in daily activities.

According to the attached research article, it was found that “impaired balance was associated with a higher risk of falls in the elderly population” and “Lumbar strength and balance ability were significantly associated with the risk of falls in older adults.” These observations underscore the critical role of both lumbar strength and balance in determining the risk of falls among the elderly. By emphasizing the importance of balance, flexibility, and lumbar strength, the study emphasizes the need for targeted exercises like Bosu ball squats to promote functional balance and reduce the risk of falls in the aging population.

It is our mission to help our community learn the necessary tools to remain healthy and live a longer, stronger life.  Our Chiro health clinics always perform detailed exams to determine the needs of any given patient that walks through our door, as well as provide as many answer as possible to what is causing pain and how we may be able to help!


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