Avoid Stress by Finding Balance

Shared by Dr. John Wertish

Avoid Stress by Finding Balance

We all know stress can create pain. Cortisol is normally on overdrive unless we are aware of our stressors. One can be an imbalance in your life. Creating balance is a crucial component of mental health and wellbeing. The idea of balance for mental health is that we are calmly doing life tasks and avoiding being driven by stress and pulled in multiple directions. In today’s lifestyle we are constantly having a “To Do” list and adding to it every day. Finding a balance in things that you find joy creates a sense of evenness, reduces anxiety and stress.

“People who suffer from a lack of work–life balance more often report health ailments such as musculoskeletal disease, headache/eyestrain, fatigue and physical exhaustion. “

“The lack or low level of balance between work and life is also connected with worse health parameters such as high cholesterol, high body-mass index, the incidence of hypertension and worse physical stamina.”


I attached an article on how hydrotherapy can help you with your health and pain:

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